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Dan Sprackman

7 years experienece 48 weddings photographed Owns 3 SLR cameras

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I document people’s experiences because I love capturing big moments in their lives. What’s big for one person, is insignificant to someone else, but that’s the joy of my job. That’s something I learnt in South Africa. I went there when I was younger, and I haven’t looked back since.

The basic DSLR camera that I took with me helped me record the amazing things I saw, as I volunteered in schools, orphanages and a wildlife sanctuary. When I got back, I knew I wanted to carry on photographing special moments, and there’s nothing more special than a wedding.

Plenty of wedding photographers fall into it, looking for business. It was my first choice, which is unusual, because most wedding photos look the same. But I guess that’s only because people use the same tired old techniques.

I’ve not been classically taught. I taught myself. That means I do things how I see them, and add a little art to an already beautiful occasion. I’m inspired by great photographers, but my main goal is always doing the best job possible for the happy couple. It’s an honour to be involved.

Away from the lens, I used to work as a master carpenter, working on old barns, converting them into homes. In a way that’s what I do now, using craftsmanship to create something new and special.

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