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Daniel Sprackman

I’m a professional wedding photographer with a difference. Not because I cover all the South West, from Devon and Cornwall, to Bristol and Gloucestershire. And not because I’m really friendly (it’s true, I don’t bite), and love weddings (I’m a big softy, what can I say). It’s because I’ll do anything I can to get the perfect shot. I’ve been on top of tractors, negotiated with farmers, climbed trees, scrambled up walls, and sacrificed many a clean pair of trousers to get the picture that sums up a special day. You get one shot at your wedding, and I make every shot count, so you can look back on it with a smile on your face.

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Mr and Mrs Kennedy
A wedding that was all based around fun. And who doesn’t like a bit of that. Everyone having a great time certainly makes photography much easier. And when the bride and groom saw the finished article, they couldn’t keep the smile of their faces.
Mr and Mrs tuck
A themed wedding that was all based on the animal kingdom. With a reception at Bristol Zoo, it was an opportunity to produce shots that would really stand out from the crowd. And with a bit of help from some passing penguins, it was mission accomplished.
Mr and Mrs Bainbridge
A Christmas wedding, complete with snow. Ok, the snow was fake, but everything else about the event was completely genuine. Capturing that was what made the finished shots so authentic.